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7/21/17 — More details regarding the attempted abduction that occurred on Wednesday night in Curwensville have been released.

7/21/17 — A truck detour will go into effect Monday, July 24 on a Route 255 improvement project in Clearfield County.

7/20/17 — On Wednesday afternoon, Punxsutawney based State Police accused and arrested 47 year old Larry Depp Jr. of stealing nearly $250,000 dollars in products from a plant he worked over a 3 year period.

7/20/17 — As the saga regarding the Clearfield County Court and the Prothonotarys office continues, a letter from the Warden of the Clearfield County Jail has been released.

CCJ Warden Letter

7/20/17 — Two convicted juvenile murders will have legal counsel in Clearfield County Court next week for status conferences on their cases.

7/20/17 — A 30 year old Clearfield man had the most serious charges he faced, including felony strangulation, dropped at his preliminary hearing in Centralized Court Wednesday.

7/20/17 — On Wednesday afternoon, Punxsutawney based State Police accused and arrested 47 year old Larry Depp Jr. of stealing nearly $250,000 dollars in products from a plant he worked over a 3 year period.

7/20/17 — A motion to reduce the bail for an Arizona teen, proved to be a reminder to motorists.

7/20/17 — An inmate of SCI Houtzdale was sentenced to serve an additional 30 months to 5 years in State Prison for assaulting a Sergeant at the Correctional Institution this past February.

7/19/17 — The Clearfield Borough Police would like to remind the public to be aware of phone scams that are circulating throughout our area.

7/19/17 — Notices are starting to be sent out to Lawrence Township residents that are violating the code by putting storm water into the sewer system.

7/19/17 — An Altoona man that had pleaded guilty to robbing a Mahaffey man in June of 2016 was in Clearfield County Court Tuesday to be sentenced.

7/19/17 — As the issues between the Clearfield County Judges and Prothonotary continue, a response to Mondays statement from Judges, Frederick Ammerman and Paul Cherry, has been replied to by Prothonotary Brian Spencer.

Brian Spencers 7.18.17 statement

7/19/17 — William John Grigsby, former President and Treasurer of the Clearfield Arts Studio Theater (CAST) was sentenced Tuesday afternoon on felony charges related to the theft of funds from CAST.

7/18/17 — Monday, an Altoona woman was sentenced on charges related to the robbery of a Mahaffey man in June of 2016 was sentenced to 11 months to 2 years in the Clearfield County Jail.

7/18/17 — A New York man was sentenced to a lengthy State Prison sentence on drug related charges.

7/18/17 — A Clearfield Teen was sentenced to State Prison in Clearfield County Court Monday.

7/18/17 — The Clearfield County Department of Emergency Services along with representatives from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) conducted an assessment of the impacted areas of Friday’s storms.

7/18/17 — 36 year old Nicholas Kephart of Clearfield is facing a felony charge of strangulation following an early Sunday morning incident at a Valley View Apartment in Lawrence Township.

7/17/17 — The Clearfield County Judges issued a statement regarding the ongoing issues with the office of the Prothonotary Brian Spencer.

         *Click here for the full statement*

7/17/17 — The winners of the Curwensville Days Rescue Hose and Ladder Co. Fireman’s Parade that took place on Saturday July 15th, have been announced.

     *Click Here For A Full List of Winners*

7/17/17 —  Howard Cox Jr. of Falls Creek who is accused of chopping up a stolen vehicle waived his right to a preliminary hearing Friday during centralized court in DuBois.

7/17/17 —  Christopher Eugene Noland, 29, of DuBois has been charged with three counts of indecent exposure and harassment for allegedly exposing himself to three women.

7/17/17 —  Robert A. Harvey, Sr., of Kersey, was cited for an act of dangerous burning in what has been an on-going issue along Bandeau Road, in Fox Township, Elk County.

7/17/17 —  The PA State Police Fire Marshall, along with the Crystal Fire Department, investigated the origin and cause of a fire that damaged a 120,000 square foot industrial complex, Sunday around 10:17am.

7/16/17 --- A DuBois man who ran from police after he allegedly sold heroin to a confidential informant was scheduled for preliminary hearings in three cases Friday.

7/16/17 --- A Punxsutawney man is accused of intentionally rear-ending another vehicle during an altercation Thursday evening.

7/15/17 — The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) has been awarded a $52,000 federal grant that will help fund a pilot program of body-worn cameras.

7/14/17 — One individual was injured following an incident in the City of St. Marys where a truck crashed into a local supermarket.

7/14/17 — Placement of a stop sign was discussed by Clearfield Borough Council during the committee meeting last night.

7/14/17 —  A Saint Marys teen is facing theft charges stemming from an incident at a Saint Marys department store, in Fox Township, Thursday afternoon.

7/14/17 —  Currently underway in Pennsylvania, the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides low income seniors with fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs from approved farmers in the Commonwealth.

7/14/17 —  Recently, the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners gave preliminary approval of a measure that would make 3 additional electronic devices lawful to use while hunting.

7/13/17 — Bylaws and the website topped yesterday's meeting of the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority.

7/13/17 — Statements have been sent to the media regarding the issue between the Clearfield County Court and Clearfield County Prothonotary.

- Clearfield County Judges Statement

- Prothonotary Brian Spencer Statement

7/13/17 — A Clearfield man will stand trial on numerous felony charges stemming from an April structure fire in Clearfield Borough.

7/13/17 — 30 year old Ryan Muir of Philipsburg, accused of threatening to shoot a man in Osceola Mills on the 4th of July, waived his right to a preliminary hearing during Centralized Court Wednesday.

7/13/17 — Chronic wasting disease has spread to free-ranging deer in Clearfield County, where it previously had been detected only in captive deer.

7/12/17 — Day three of the preliminary hearing for Beta Theta Pi frat house and members of the fraternity proved more days for the hearing are needed.

7/11/17 — At Tuesday's Clearfield county commissioners meeting, a presentation was made by C Cap P Corp, the company that insures the county of Clearfield.

7/11/17 — Free will and questioning whether or not Penn State football athletic trainer Tim Bream was involved in helping students cover-up what happened the night that lead to Penn State student Timothy Piazzas death were topics during the defense cross examination at Monday's preliminary hearing in Bellefonte.

7/10/17 — Text messages and receipts shed a light on what happened the February night Timothy Piazza was at a pledge party at a Penn State fraternity were shown during Monday's preliminary hearing.

7/10/17 — The Lawrence Township Police responded to a motorcycle crash that occurred along the Old Erie Pike on Sunday Evening.

7/9/17 --- A Philadelphia woman has been charged with attempting to smuggle contraband into SCI Houtzdale.

7/8/17 — Thursday, City of DuBois Police were dispatched to a South Church St. address for a report of a white male with a gun, threatening to kill the people at that residence.

7/8/17 — A 55-year old DuBois man became the victim of an act of theft by deception last week when an unknown individual purchased a lawn tractor with a fraudulent credit card.

7/7/17 — Prior to the start of the final day of 65 year old Harry Dunlaps trial, he plead guilty.

7/7/17 — The PA Turnpike Commission is warning 10,611 PA Turnpike motorists with overdue toll violations and invoices that they could risk having their motor-vehicle registrations suspended if they don’t make good on their debt.