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P.O. Box 589
Clearfield, Pa 16830

Phone 814.765.4955
Fax 814.765.7038
Email wokwremote@gmail.com

wOK!w 102.9 FM Contest Rules

1: Contest winners must be at least 18 years of age to win a  WOKW contest, unless otherwise specified.

2: Only one person in your household may win a prize in a WOKW contest and you are not eligible to play a  weekday contest for 30 days.

3: Only one person per household may win every 90 days for either of WOKW’s weekend shows, Bill Otto’s Oldies Kloset or Bob Day’s Sunday Super Gold.

4: All prizes must be picked up in person within 30 days of winning unless otherwise specified or the prize will be forfeited.

5: You must present ID when picking up your prize and you will have to sign for your prize

6: Prizes will not be mailed or dropped off to you.

7. When you call in for any of our contests, we resrve the right to record your conversation and possibly use your reaction on the air, live or recorded.

Pay it Forward

Every Friday during January, we will be having our listeners  Pay It Forward, but selecting winners.

We will ask for a specific number caller to win a sponsor gift certificate. Once we get the first winner, that winner will select a number and that will be the second caller number we will award a gift certificate to.

What Makes Your Valentine So Special?

Let us know and your Valentine could be the winner of our Valentines Day Contest. Email your entry to wokwremote@gmail.com; fax your entry to 768-7038; drop it off at WOK!W Studios at 712 River Road; or mail your entry to P.O. Box 589 Clearfield, Pa. 16830